Google Launches Android Oreo Go Edition, OS for Devices with Little RAM

Google Launches Android Oreo Go Edition - Announced on Google I / O last May, finally Android Go has been completed. In Google's blog today officially released Android Go based on Android Oreo 8.1. Android Go seems to be developed to replace the less successful Android One in the market.

Android Go is specifically optimized to run on 512 MB to 1GB of RAM devices. The first device Android Go will be present in the next few months.

Android Oreo Go Edition

Operating system

Google says that Android app will run 15 percent faster on this operating system. In addition the default application takes 50 percent less storage data.

The use of data on Android Go is even tighter. Google has embedded Data Usage tools to allow users to control applications on those using background data. The Google Chrome Data Saver feature on Android is also enabled by default.

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Visually Android Go take advantage of the features of Android Oreo is Adaptive Icons so the display icon on Android Go looks consistent that can be set rounded or box shape. We also saw Google redesign the Recent View view to make multitasking simpler to reduce the burden of memory usage.

Google Go app

Meanwhile, Google today also announced a set of Go apps, such as Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome and the new Files Go app.

For example, Google Go is an app previously called Google Search Lite. This application can save data up to 40 percent and less than 5MB size. And has an interface that focuses optimized on faster interactions.

Go Play

The last important part of Android Go is the Play Store. The Play Store specifically developed for Android Go will recommend any app that can run well on entry level devices. Other features of its Play Store also support Play Protect and the Find My Device security feature.

The Android Go launch today focuses on the country India is considered home to the next millions of Android users. In addition to the Android Go launch there are several launch apps with special features developed for India such as motorcycle / scooter mode on Google Maps.

Well, indirectly the culture and conditions in India are more or less the same as in Indonesia. Android Go will also be very useful in Indonesia. The launch is also to encourage developers to create applications that are optimized for entry-level devices.


5 Best Free Android Launcher Apps 2017

Best Free Android Launcher Apps - Android default features and features may be quite satisfactory. Theme Material which is the pride of Google is more pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to use. Especially on the Home screen. Android is always open to change, its appearance, one of them by using application launcher.

Android presents millions of free and paid apps and games on the Play Store. One of them is an application launcher, which changes all aspects of the Home screen display on Android.

Best Free Android Launcher Apps 2017

With a new Android app launcher, the entire Home screen screen, from wallpapers, icons, apps folders, drawer apps, drawer widgets, docks, and all sides of the Home screen Android screen will change.

By default, Android usually carries the default launcher app brand or smartphone brand used. ZenUI, LG Launcher, Samsung TouchWiz Home, OPPO Launcher, or Google Now Launcher.

Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in the default Android launcher app. The reasons are varied: less attractive, difficult to change or dioprek appearance, can not use another icon pack, a feature that is less, until not friendly with a low smartphone specs.

If you are the same with these people, who are bored with the crappy Android launcher app, then use the following replacement launcher app:

Best Free Android Launcher Apps 2017

#1 Nova Launcher, Best Launcher app on Android
Of the entire application launcher, Nova Launcher may be the best. The best terms here are relative. But for users who envision a lightweight, easy-to-use, attractive, and free launcher app, Nova Launcher is the best choice.

Nova Launcher presents a fairly complete feature. With this free launcher app, you can change the size of icons and text, display apps folder, dock, app drawer, animation speed and effects, and which can use other icon pack.


#2 Action Launcher, Launcher Application with More Features
In addition to Nova Launcher, there are other alternative options. Action Launcher brings features of the application launcher in general, with advantages that are not owned by other launcher applications.

With the cover feature in Action Launcher, you can open the initial app in an apps folder without having to open the folder first. Action Launcher also has Quickdrawer, an additional drawer located on the side of the Home screen.

There are still many Action Launcher features that can not be fully explained here. Simply put, Action Launcher is suitable for geeky or nerdy users who are thirsty with customizing the look and features widely on Android.

#3 ADW Launcher 2
This one launcher application was abandoned by its developers, which then got support again with the return of ADW Launcher 2. At a glance, this Android launcher app is less interesting to see, but if adjusted in such a way, ADW Launcher 2 becomes very interesting.

Good, with ADW Launcher 2 is free of charge, you can change all the features and looks more complete and more detail. Such as setting the shadow effect on the icon, until the fonts used can be changed as desired.

Perhaps, ADW Launcher 2 is also convenient to use for smartphones with a specification that is not too high, because it becomes the lightest to use.

#4 Microsoft Launcher, Special Launcher App from Microsoft
Microsoft recently launched its newest launcher app, Microsoft Launcher. This application is still in development stage (Preview), so its features are not as complete as expected.

But for users who are thirsty with something new, then Microsoft Launcher can be one option, especially if you become different tester of this application. Because if viewed from the habits of Microsoft, Microsoft Launcher will continue to get regular updates like Microsoft To-Do.

#5 EverythingMe Launcher, a Unique Android Launcher App
Probably, EverythingMe is the most unique app launcher. It has a Prediction Bar feature, a kind of dock that contains apps that customize the user's habits, in different times and places.

EverythingMe also has a universal search feature. Looking for a contact name? Just type his name in the search box. Looking for apps in the Play Store? Just type the name of the application in the same search box. The look and features of this launcher app are also nice to see, and easy to use. There's a bar that contains customizable news - almost the same as Microsoft Launcher.

That's some of the best launcher apps for Android. Each application launcher presents the features and experience of different Home screen, and you just choose the one that you think is best.


What is an Android Root? And What are the Functions and Risks for Smartphones?

What is an Android Root? And What are the Functions and Risks for Smartphones? Android is one of the systems in smartphone devices that are now widely used and is the most developed technology in this century. The various things that form the basis of android use should be known by those who are used to using it in order to use the device efficiently.

Maybe you often hear the term root and sometimes do not know what is actually meant by root on android and what is its use. To know the understanding and the root function, you should listen to the following explanation.

root on android

Understanding Root Android

In language, root means root and according to the root meaning, root android can be called the root of an android system. What is meant by the root of the android system is where there is control or full access of a user on the phone it has.

Root on android is usually not set as the default menu and can not be accessed without meeting certain steps or procedures. As a root, android root is also interpreted as the core of the system whereby one can delete, add, subtract content and do other things or in other words the user has unlimited access to his android device.

If in certain applications such as factory default applications, we can not change or delete it then if android root is done, we can access and do anything on the application.

In conclusion, when android already root then the user can act as an administrator and change anything in the Android system.

The Importance of Android Root Protection

So why is root android not presented in default menu or we can not access and change the android system without going through the root process? This is because some applications are set and arranged in such a way in an android system and for the benefit of the manufacturer or service provider, the app can not be deleted for example if the android phone has bundling with the telecommunication company and they put the application therein for promotional purposes.

In addition users are also unable to change something or applications in android without root because to prevent damage or errors on the system, especially on users or users who still lay. It could be if given full access to all devices or systems in android, precisely the system will be chaotic and android device can not be used again.

Android Root Function

Root on the android system has several functions and will be very helpful if needed. Some of the functions and benefits of using android root include:

1. Access the entire system indefinitely
As mentioned earlier, the main android root function is to provide access to users in setting up android systems within a device. By root an android, users can act as an admin and change all the settings therein including updating applications, updating android system and so forth.

2. Remove the application that is not working
Often applications in android are not entirely used and function efficiently so it only fills the memory and this will be very annoying especially on android phones that have little internal memory capacity. By rooting android then we can remove the application and make the android phone performance faster and better.

3. Restore deleted files
One of the problems often faced by android users is accidentally deleted files such as images, videos, documents and other files. This problem is sometimes very annoying, but it turns out with root android and with the help of certain applications, we can get back the deleted files. This will be very helpful if one day we need a file that is not stored in the android device that we have.

4. Change the android look
In addition to updating and changing the system inside, root android can allow users to beautify the android look either by changing the theme or icon or symbol menu used. In essence all things in android can be changed at will we and of course if we have to root android the right way.

Although it has many advantages and functions, android root also has flaws that should also be known by any mobile phone users or other android devices. If you pick android or change the system, the warranty period from the manufacturer will be lost. In other words if there is damage to the android device, the manufacturer issuing the device will not provide warranty and will not be liable for such damages.

In addition, mobile phones or android devices will be more easily attacked by viruses such as malware and so forth. So before taking steps to root an android device should consider well whether you really need it and if not we should let your android phone as it should.


[RUMOR] Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Segera Rilis, Lihat Spesifikasinya

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - Xiaomi tampaknya terus bekerja untuk menghadirkan perangkat berikutnya dalam seri Redmi Note, yaitu Redmi Note 5. Spesifikasi perangkat tersebut akan masuk dalam seri Redmi Note berikutnya dan telah bocor ke internet dalam beberapa minggu ini, dan menunjukkan bahwa pembuat smartphone China tersebut akan meluncurkan dua varian Redmi.

Terlepas dari prosesornya, bocoran Redmi Note 5 juga menunjukkan bahwa Xiaomi mungkin membawa dual camera ke jajaran Redmi untuk pertama kalinya. Sementara bocoran baru tersebut mengisyaratkan upgrade yang sangat bagus dari Redmi Note 4, Xiaomi mungkin masih belum menaikkan harga Redmi Note 5.
Rumor Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Spesifikasi Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Salah satu poin pembicaraan utama dari spesifikasi Redmi Note 5 yang baru bocor adalah prosesornya. Menurut bocoran terbaru, Redmi Note 5 diperkirakan akan didukung oleh prosesor Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 okta-inti, yang membawa spesifikasi mid-range atas ke segmen anggaran untuk pertama kalinya.

Kebocoran ini mengejutkan, karena kecenderungan Xiaomi untuk menggunakan chipset Snapdragon 625 di beberapa teleponnya. Sebagai penerus, Xiaomi diharapkan bisa menggunakan chipset Snapdragon 630 di Redmi Note 5. Namun, jika kebocoran ini bisa dipercaya, Catatan Redmi 5 bisa berakhir sebagai penerus sejati Catatan Redmi yang populer 3. Lembar spesifikasi bocor pertama kali terlihat di situs jejaring sosial China Weibo, dengan referensi ke Snapdragon 660.

Varian Snapdragon dari Redmi Note 3 menampilkan prosesor Snapdragon 650 yang hebat. Keuntungan Snapdragon 660 dalam hal daya dan efisiensi bila dibandingkan dengan seri Snapdragon 65x. Akan pas bagi Redmi Note 5 untuk menampilkan Snapdragon 660.

Kamera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Kamera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Credit: @laenix (Weibo)

Dikabarkan bahwa kamera Redmi Note 5 akan menjadi salah satu dari beberapa mid-rangers yang akan membanggakan rasio aspek 18: 9, dan perangkat yang baru bocor ini memberi kesan lebih terang. Bagian belakang terlihat sangat identik dengan Redmi Note 5 dengan sedikit lengkungan di sisi samping, dagu dan dagu plastik tapi ada juga dual camera setup kali ini. Dikatakan bahwa ponsel akan memiliki setup kamera 16MP + 5MP di bagian belakang.

Di bagian depan, Redmi Note 5 bisa hadir dengan kamera 12MP yang telah diupgrade.

Dengan membawa spesifikasi tinggi, Redmi Note 5 dilaporkan hadir dengan varian memori 3GB dan 4GB, masing-masing dengan penyimpanan 32GB dan 64GB. Layar full HD 5,5 inci, sensor sidik jari, baterai 4.000 mAh, dual SIM dengan dukungan 4G VoLTE adalah aspek lain yang tersisa yang telah terungkap.

Rumor Terbaru dari Redmi Note 5

Gambar yang baru bocor di TENNA tidak mengkonfirmasi bahwa ponsel yang ditampilkan adalah Redmi Note 5, namun jika kita menyelaraskannya dengan apa yang telah kita lihat di masa lalu, desain dan spesifikasi sangat sesuai dengan ponsel Catatan Redmi yang ada.

Menurut bocoran tersebut, muncul perangkat MET7 dan MEE7 dengan bezels minimal di sekitar layar dan rasio aspek 18: 9. Gambar yang bocor mengarah ke panel belakang yang terlihat lebih mirip Redmi Note 3 dengan sisi membulat dan lensa kamera melingkar dan sensor sidik jari tepat di bawahnya.

Perbedaan utama pada tampilan berada di bagian depan dimana ponsel di mana ia memiliki layar 5,99 inci dengan aspect ratio 18: 9 dengan sudut melengkung. Panel LCD memiliki resolusi 2160x1080 piksel.

Daftar TENNA lebih lanjut menunjukkan bahwa smartphone akan menjalankan prosesor okta-inti 2.0GHz yang kami harapkan berupa Snapdragon 660 atau Snapdragon 636. Kedua ponsel tersebut akan menjalankan Android 7.1.2 Nougat dengan MIUI 9 di atas. Di depan kamera, kedua ponsel akan memiliki belakang 12 megapiksel dan kamera depan 5 megapiksel.

Bocoran Gambar Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Bocoran Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Seorang pengguna di SlashLeaks telah memposting gambar langsung dari apa yang tampak seperti smartphone Xiaomi dengan bezels minimalis. Smartphone ini mungkin adalah Redmi Note 5 namun tetap belum terbukti. Spesifikasinya sesuai dengan daftar oppomart di mana beberapa fitur tidak mungkin muncul di smartphone redmi note 5 sebenarnya. Ini mungkin sebuah prototipe tapi ini membuktikan satu fakta, bahwa Xiaomi segera meluncurkan bezel mid-range.

Harga Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Ponsel ini akan hadir dalam tiga varian RAM dan storage 3GB / 16GB, 3GB / 32GB dan 4GB / 64GB. Harga dari tiga varian tersebut juga telah diungkap sebagai CNY 999 (sekitar Rs 9,790), CNY 1,299 (sekitar Rs 12.700) dan CNY 1,699 (sekitar Rs 16,600).

Demikian informasi mengenai rumor kehadiran Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 terbaru, semoga berguna dan bermanfaat bagi anda.


Game Heroes Evolved Moba 7 Lawan 7 Terbaru Indonesia

Game Heroes Evolved - Satu lagi game MOBA yang seru untuk dimainkan di ponsel Android dan iOS. Game Heroes Evolved buatan R2 Games kini telah hadir di Indonesia. Permainan yang mengandalkan kekompakan team saat bermain ini kembali menawarkan pertarungan 7 lawan 7.

Game Heroes Evolved Indonesia

Heroes Evolved adalah salah satu game MOBA terlaris dan telah di unduh mencapai 5 juta lebih. Bahkan game terus mengalami perkembangan dan perbaikan bug supaya pemain merasa nyaman saat bermain. Seiring semakin banyaknya pemain, R2Game telah menyediakan 4 server untuk meningkatkan kenyamanan saat bermain dan menambah stabilitas saat bermain.

Game Heroes Evolved Indonesia

Dengan adanya dukungan server yang begitu baik, R2Games juga telah menghadirkan pengalaman yang baik dalam permainan mobile battle arena. Selain telah menampilkan lebih dari 40 karakter Hero, memberikan 4 skill tiap Hero, dan berbagai macam mode pertarungan yang bakal membuat setiap pemain untuk mencari pengalaman bermain Heroes Evolved Android.

Heroes Evolved menawarkan pengalaman bermain mobile battle arena atau biasa dikenal dengan MOBA dengan sering melakukan update, termasuk update heroes, balance patch, fitur baru dan yang lainnya. Bahkan game MOBA ini telah menawarkan dalam bentuk 6 bahasa, diantaranya bahasa Inggris, Prancis, Jerman, Spanyol, Portugis, Rusia, dan terakhir adalah Indonesia dan Thai (Thailand).

Fitur Game Heroes Evolved Indonesia

Hadir dengan salah satu pilihan game moba terbaik, Heroes Evolved hadir dengan banyak pilihan dan berbagai fitur menarik selain 7 lawan 7, beberapa diantaranya adalah.
  1. Tombol Teleport - tombol ini berfungsi untuk memindahkan hero dalam berpindah ke tower secara cepat.
  2. Tombol Heal - dengan menekan tombol ini hero anda akan secara cepat pulih saat pertarungan.
  3. Fitur Observer ward.
  4. Telah didukung dengan voice chat.
  5. Dan masih banyak yang lainnya.
Sebenarnya masih banyak fitur lain yang dapat anda dapatkan setelah memainkan dan merasakan bagaimana keseruan game Heroes Evolved.

Hero Game Heroes Evolved Indonesia

Setelah anda mengetahui fitur-fitur yang ada dalam game ini selanjutnya adalah jenis hero apa saja yang dapat dimainkan game moba terbaru di Indonesia ini.

Jenis Hero Intelligence (Ranged dan Melee)
  • Arborus (Ranged)
  • Cleopatra (Ranged)
  • Crystal (Ranged)
  • Flavia (Ranged)
  • Jeanne (Ranged)
  • Lotus (Ranged)
  • Lunaria (Ranged)
  • Magicka (Ranged)
  • Nosferatu (Ranged)
  • Pandora (Ranged)
  • Pyrrhus (Ranged)
  • Saya (Ranged)
  • Una (Ranged)
  • Yuki (Ranged)
  • Poseidon (Melee)
Jenis Hero Agility (Ranged dan Melee)
  • Aiden (Ranged)
  • Diana (Ranged)
  • Freya (Ranged)
  • Minerva (Ranged)
  • PengWing (Ranged)
  • Solus (Ranged)
  • Vince (Ranged)
  • Cao Cao (Melee)
  • Bruce Lee (Melee)
  • Electros (Melee)
  • Estrath (Melee)
  • Mikio (Melee)
  • Mulan (Melee)
  • Nezha (Melee)
  • Nightshade (Melee)
  • Raven (Melee)
  • Sun Wukong (Melee)
  • Zhao Yun (Melee)
Jenis Hero Strength (Melee)
  • Apollo (Melee)
  • Ares (Melee)
  • Bombom (Melee)
  • Burninator (Melee)
  • Dragos (Melee)
  • Gideon (Melee)
  • Grom (Melee)
  • Guan Yu (Melee)
  • Lilith (Melee)
  • Lu Bu (Melee)
  • Minos (Melee)
  • Murdoch (Melee)
  • Nazar (Melee)
  • Rockman (Melee)
  • Venom (Melee)
  • Wolfram (Melee)
  • Zhang Fei (Melee)
Itulah tiga jenis hero yang dapat dimainkan dalam game moba Heroes Evolved Indonesia, dan yang terbaru adalah hero jenis agility melee yaitu karakter Bruce Lee dan jenis strength melee yaitu Nazar dan Grom.

Dari berbagai jenis hero diatas paling populer di Indonesia adalah karakter Minerva. Karakter yang telah mengalami update terakhir pada bulan Agustus 2017 ini memiliki kemampuan yang bagus dalam hal serangan, menghancurkan bangunan musuh dengan cepat dan unggul dalam pertarungan jarak jauh. Selebihnya lihat dalam video dibawah ini.

Dengan demikian berakhir sudah tentang Game Heroes Evolved Indonesia yang hadir dengan pertarungan 7 lawan 7. Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat bagi anda dan jika berminat untuk memainkan game ini dapat kalian download melalui link berikut ini Download Heroes Evolved.