How To Write an Effective App Description

Your mobile app's description is your sales page as it generates the maximum number of downloads of your app. Make sure that the app description is clear and appealing to your target audience. After your app icon and name of the app, description contributes to the success of your app. If your application description creates curiosity among the users, your app would sell or download to a great extent.

For most of the apps, descriptions and reviews are the major factors that determine whether a user downloads the application or not.

One should spend some time researching about the audience, understanding what drives them, and how to convince them to download your application on their mobile phones. Simply having the best app in the world cannot help you get success, if description doesn't help users understand what it is all about.

How To Write an Effective App Description
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What should an app description do?
Most importantly the description should sell your app to the target audience. You should not overpromise in your description as it can cause unhappy customers. You should try to explain the viewers what exactly the app does and what are the benefits to the users. Make them understand what they will gain by downloading and using the application.

If you are planning to ask for money to download the app, you need to assure the users that they will get some good value for the money they will be spending. Whether the app is about some kind of entertainment, or a form of utility it, you should make sure that the users get to know the purpose and benefits of the app.

General rules for writing an app description:
  • Must be between 10 and 4000 characters
  • No HTML allowed
  • Check the spellings and grammar before submission
  • Description is only about your app. Do not make the mistake of using it as a means of communication with your audience.

Describe your app accurately:
While writing your app description, make sure that you describe the features accurately. Make sure that description highlights the features and benefits of your applications. Describe what someone would get by downloading and using the applications.

Keep it short and sweet:
Your app description should be understandable by the users. The first 580 characters of the app description are very important. Without clicking the "More" link, the viewers should understand everything about the application and its features.

Having bullets can make the features and important points clear and concise. Show the features and benefits using bullets.

Use engaging screen shots:
Often the app owners or developers choose to show the home or splash screen of the applications. Make sure that you select the best part of your app and highlight the features as much as possible.

Update your description:

With each update of your applications, you should add in new information so that the users know about the new additions. Read : How To Create an Android App.