Asus VivoMini UN65H , Mini PC Best for Home

The Mini pc until now have not been many who use them.Whe are to the company of intermediate scale, pc tiny existence can help improve the efficiency of the procurement budget inventory internal. Not fully target class corporation, mini pc also designed to available in the home and are focus to multimedia.

Asus VivoMini UN65H

One of the products mini pc of asus the latest is VivoMini UN65H .In size , mini pc this is have some measurements very brief , rival other products in the same class .Typical asus to the mini pc they are using design simple and elegant.

Design Asus VivoMini UN65H
The impression elegant is visible on swathe black color thorough , with the logo of asus silver-colored on the upper side .Cover the upper side use texture special can produce an effect reflection of light.

Turn to side the edge , Asus VivoMini UN65H interface who do not many , but quite full .Can only be seen buttons power in the edge front and lock kensington on the edge right .The rest of the interface , : two usb port 3.0 and one slot sd card. on the edge left , And port power , hdmi , displayport , two ports usb 3.0 , and one port ethernet behind .Mini pc also provides jack audio 3.5 mm.

Design Asus VivoMini UN65H

Design Asus VivoMini UN65H as not have had room circulating air, but it can only be seen from before. Asus provide air holes enough in the lower and back part. As a result, heat issued efficient enough. Cover the bottom of it also a place the installation of the screw that lock access to component.

There are four the screw that covered rubber layers, who also serves as a pedestal when mounted in position ordinary. Asus vivomini un65h also provided a place lock it empty if the user wants to put it vertically behind monitor or television.

Specifications Asus VivoMini UN65H
They are present in some variant with processor core with intel i3-6100u 2,3ghz, who berduet with ram 4gb.Storage space data using hdd 2,5 inches 500gb.You can just increase the ram and storage space, by appending components in accordance with the bottom.Installment also quite easily although size mini pc rather small.Asus vivomini un65h also supports wireless connectivity via wifi and downloads folder over bluetooth.

One of the visible was no distinctive mark for a mini pc opener. The user usually tried to open mini pc of cover over , so that the edges it can be easily damaged. It would be good you read guided the use of already available at package before it sales.

Asus VivoMini UN65H is mini pc to specification appropriate in his class. A design elegant typical asus making it a product exclusive, although there are also product competitors in the same class. Some may think mini pc unattractive, but not for consumers who prefers computers not elaborate in the installation.

Source Image: press.asus.com