Google Allo Messaging Application Smart and Advanced

Google Allo Messaging Application Smart and Advanced - Google made a new breakthrough in the field of messaging applications. After Google Hangouts is less attractive compared with similar applications, such as Whatsapp. Google did not give up in making messaging application. In fact, Google is now also working on applications for video calls are more effective in use, the Google duo.

Google Allo Messaging Application Smart and Advanced

Google Allo and Duo, these are the two latest applications in the field of artificial messenger Google.

For this post, I will discuss more about the Google Allo.

What is Google Allo?
Allo is a short message mobile app developed by Google. This was announced at the Google I / O on May 18, 2016. The application will be available on Android and iOS operating systems and will be released in the summer of 2016. Google Allo Apps

Features Google Allo
Smart Reply
If you are lazy to type and want a more efficient, this is the answer. You do not need a lot of typing, just need to choose words to answer with words ever written.

Google Assistant
Imagine there is a personal assistant you in a chat? You can order a meal at a restaurant table directly in the chat, search for a restaurant, the restaurant even sort the list of the cheapest, best, and what's open.

Whisper and Shout
Want to talk in a chat with a shout or a whisper? You do not need no such thing as wearing CapsLock to enlarge text. Use Google Allo, you just need to hold the Send button and pull up (dilate writing) to shout and drag down to whisper (writing shrink).

Emoji, Sticker, Ink
Although systems like Whatsapp, but its already like LINE really! You can wear cute stickers, add emoji to images, even doodled pictures would be sent disposable ink.

Incognito Mode
The private chat yes, do not tell anybody. But, suddenly screenshot of the message spread everywhere. Like the fuel that has Private Chat feature, Allo also has. His name is Incognito Mode, just like in Chrome. Its function is to provide a grace period to the messages, notifications of privacy, encryption, and even if your friend ngescreenshot writing! (Same as in the fuel and Snapchat).

In essence, each new breakthrough and considered it will give good impact to the application. Because users will increase.

Similarly, Google Allo Messaging Application Smart and Advanced, may be beneficial and useful.