Really, Samsung Galaxy C9 with RAM 6GB ? Yes or No


After a few months ago released the Samsung Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7, this time samsung reportedly is preparing Samsung Galaxy C9 as ultimate weapon in family galaxy c series. This smartphone will have higher specifications, and reportedly are provided with RAM 6gb.

Samsung Galaxy C9

This of course is not startle due to the previous generation also uses the expansion of marketing same. Uniquely, samsung the Galaxy C9 detected by zauba. Zauba is tracer products imports in to india, at least there are no less eight units products gadgets with code model SM-C9000. Gadgets series it is in to india for the purpose of research, trial, and further development.

Sample Samsung Galaxy C9

Sample Samsung Galaxy SM-C9000

Because any product that entrance to include specifications, zauba detected that SM-C9000 using the screen 5.7 of an inch as much as. A first generation of samsung the galaxy were series c the galaxy C5. On this generation course, a screen used already as wide 5.2 of an inch. The screen is supported by the features of full hd amoled.

However, the screen 5.7 of an inch as much as it has been used in samsung the Galaxy C7. Of these cognitive biases do, there is a possibility that SM-C9000 detected by zauba still is a form of prototype design. As has already been explained earlier, in India this clever cell phone still have to undergo further development.

According to geekbench, samsung galaxy SM-C9000 supported processor 1.4ghz Octa Core Snapdragon 652 MSM8976 plus ram 6GB and to run at android 6.0.1. This could be a cellphone samsung first with 6GB RAM to be released in china.

Samsung Galaxy C9 with RAM 6gb

Definite specification samsung the Galaxy C9 will level higher than the galaxy c5 and galaxy c7. By contrast, samsung complement them samsung the Galaxy C5 with sails full hd measuring 5.5 inches adopt the panels of a screen super amoled display , and carried chipset qualcomm snapdragon 617 who harmonizes with ram with capacity 6gb, internal memory 32b, and processor octa core 64-bit. In addition, smartphone is completed with technology 4g LTE and fingerprint sensors.

Samsung Galaxy C9 expected to be released in october and november. So we just wait to see whether or not equipped with ram 6GB or similar to Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7.

Source Image : techupdate3.com and Geekbench