Why snowden said do not use google allo ?

Google has officially released application instan message , allo , on the platform android and ios .Starting friday ( 23 / 9 / 2016 ) this , users in Indonesia download application allo at google play store and apple app store .After google official released it to all users , snowden remind the allo secure .Even , he suggested the user not to use the application.

Google Allo instant massage

In this program , according to snowden , google also features end-to-end immerse encryption from an open whisper systems can prevent conversations were intercepted by anyone , including federal agents.

However , encryption was not activated in default befits on instant messenger other like whatsapp .To turn it on , users must first enter into fashion ' incognito' .Incognito own fashion can be accessed through a menu message or message that is in the bottom right.

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It is by snowden is greater than allo weakness in terms of privacy users .' google make decisions dangerous with deadly end-to-end encryption by default in allo .Application chat is not safe , to avoid for a while , ' wrote in a tweets snowden , shortly after allo introduced google on i / o , and may 2016.

Why encryption google deadly by default on allo?Apparently of the security could disrupt work main features main used by google.Allo having integration with artificial intelligence or an artifical intelligent ( ai ) google assistant that could help do things, among other advise about reply as what did, or order place in restaurant for users and interlocutor.

AI google assistant work by analyzing the message tell users.If encryption activated, then artificial intelligence it cannot read a message users and cannot function.Later, it is possible that google will enable fashion incognito by default.But, for a while, users must choose between allo privacy or assistance google assistant.

Source: tekno.kompas.com