5 Best Free Android Launcher Apps 2017

Best Free Android Launcher Apps - Android default features and features may be quite satisfactory. Theme Material which is the pride of Google is more pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to use. Especially on the Home screen. Android is always open to change, its appearance, one of them by using application launcher.

Android presents millions of free and paid apps and games on the Play Store. One of them is an application launcher, which changes all aspects of the Home screen display on Android.

Best Free Android Launcher Apps 2017

With a new Android app launcher, the entire Home screen screen, from wallpapers, icons, apps folders, drawer apps, drawer widgets, docks, and all sides of the Home screen Android screen will change.

By default, Android usually carries the default launcher app brand or smartphone brand used. ZenUI, LG Launcher, Samsung TouchWiz Home, OPPO Launcher, or Google Now Launcher.

Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in the default Android launcher app. The reasons are varied: less attractive, difficult to change or dioprek appearance, can not use another icon pack, a feature that is less, until not friendly with a low smartphone specs.

If you are the same with these people, who are bored with the crappy Android launcher app, then use the following replacement launcher app:

Best Free Android Launcher Apps 2017

#1 Nova Launcher, Best Launcher app on Android
Of the entire application launcher, Nova Launcher may be the best. The best terms here are relative. But for users who envision a lightweight, easy-to-use, attractive, and free launcher app, Nova Launcher is the best choice.

Nova Launcher presents a fairly complete feature. With this free launcher app, you can change the size of icons and text, display apps folder, dock, app drawer, animation speed and effects, and which can use other icon pack.


#2 Action Launcher, Launcher Application with More Features
In addition to Nova Launcher, there are other alternative options. Action Launcher brings features of the application launcher in general, with advantages that are not owned by other launcher applications.

With the cover feature in Action Launcher, you can open the initial app in an apps folder without having to open the folder first. Action Launcher also has Quickdrawer, an additional drawer located on the side of the Home screen.

There are still many Action Launcher features that can not be fully explained here. Simply put, Action Launcher is suitable for geeky or nerdy users who are thirsty with customizing the look and features widely on Android.

#3 ADW Launcher 2
This one launcher application was abandoned by its developers, which then got support again with the return of ADW Launcher 2. At a glance, this Android launcher app is less interesting to see, but if adjusted in such a way, ADW Launcher 2 becomes very interesting.

Good, with ADW Launcher 2 is free of charge, you can change all the features and looks more complete and more detail. Such as setting the shadow effect on the icon, until the fonts used can be changed as desired.

Perhaps, ADW Launcher 2 is also convenient to use for smartphones with a specification that is not too high, because it becomes the lightest to use.

#4 Microsoft Launcher, Special Launcher App from Microsoft
Microsoft recently launched its newest launcher app, Microsoft Launcher. This application is still in development stage (Preview), so its features are not as complete as expected.

But for users who are thirsty with something new, then Microsoft Launcher can be one option, especially if you become different tester of this application. Because if viewed from the habits of Microsoft, Microsoft Launcher will continue to get regular updates like Microsoft To-Do.

#5 EverythingMe Launcher, a Unique Android Launcher App
Probably, EverythingMe is the most unique app launcher. It has a Prediction Bar feature, a kind of dock that contains apps that customize the user's habits, in different times and places.

EverythingMe also has a universal search feature. Looking for a contact name? Just type his name in the search box. Looking for apps in the Play Store? Just type the name of the application in the same search box. The look and features of this launcher app are also nice to see, and easy to use. There's a bar that contains customizable news - almost the same as Microsoft Launcher.

That's some of the best launcher apps for Android. Each application launcher presents the features and experience of different Home screen, and you just choose the one that you think is best.