What is an Android Root? And What are the Functions and Risks for Smartphones?

What is an Android Root? And What are the Functions and Risks for Smartphones? Android is one of the systems in smartphone devices that are now widely used and is the most developed technology in this century. The various things that form the basis of android use should be known by those who are used to using it in order to use the device efficiently.

Maybe you often hear the term root and sometimes do not know what is actually meant by root on android and what is its use. To know the understanding and the root function, you should listen to the following explanation.

root on android

Understanding Root Android

In language, root means root and according to the root meaning, root android can be called the root of an android system. What is meant by the root of the android system is where there is control or full access of a user on the phone it has.

Root on android is usually not set as the default menu and can not be accessed without meeting certain steps or procedures. As a root, android root is also interpreted as the core of the system whereby one can delete, add, subtract content and do other things or in other words the user has unlimited access to his android device.

If in certain applications such as factory default applications, we can not change or delete it then if android root is done, we can access and do anything on the application.

In conclusion, when android already root then the user can act as an administrator and change anything in the Android system.

The Importance of Android Root Protection

So why is root android not presented in default menu or we can not access and change the android system without going through the root process? This is because some applications are set and arranged in such a way in an android system and for the benefit of the manufacturer or service provider, the app can not be deleted for example if the android phone has bundling with the telecommunication company and they put the application therein for promotional purposes.

In addition users are also unable to change something or applications in android without root because to prevent damage or errors on the system, especially on users or users who still lay. It could be if given full access to all devices or systems in android, precisely the system will be chaotic and android device can not be used again.

Android Root Function

Root on the android system has several functions and will be very helpful if needed. Some of the functions and benefits of using android root include:

1. Access the entire system indefinitely
As mentioned earlier, the main android root function is to provide access to users in setting up android systems within a device. By root an android, users can act as an admin and change all the settings therein including updating applications, updating android system and so forth.

2. Remove the application that is not working
Often applications in android are not entirely used and function efficiently so it only fills the memory and this will be very annoying especially on android phones that have little internal memory capacity. By rooting android then we can remove the application and make the android phone performance faster and better.

3. Restore deleted files
One of the problems often faced by android users is accidentally deleted files such as images, videos, documents and other files. This problem is sometimes very annoying, but it turns out with root android and with the help of certain applications, we can get back the deleted files. This will be very helpful if one day we need a file that is not stored in the android device that we have.

4. Change the android look
In addition to updating and changing the system inside, root android can allow users to beautify the android look either by changing the theme or icon or symbol menu used. In essence all things in android can be changed at will we and of course if we have to root android the right way.

Although it has many advantages and functions, android root also has flaws that should also be known by any mobile phone users or other android devices. If you pick android or change the system, the warranty period from the manufacturer will be lost. In other words if there is damage to the android device, the manufacturer issuing the device will not provide warranty and will not be liable for such damages.

In addition, mobile phones or android devices will be more easily attacked by viruses such as malware and so forth. So before taking steps to root an android device should consider well whether you really need it and if not we should let your android phone as it should.